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GHA Medical Tourism helps you to choose the best hospitals, best doctors, the best treatment with an affordable healthcare plan.

Medical Visa

A Medical visa is given for a medical treatment. The visa is granted up to one year with triple entries and registration is required after the arrival of the patient in the country.

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Global Health Access is an online initiative taken to connect patients globally and offer them the best healthcare benefits in some of the most promising destination in India.

Partnering with one of the most celebrated names in healthcare and medical treatment regime, Global Health Access is upholding the benchmark of trusted medical tourism in Kenya.

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Our Patients Speak


    “You have a difficult job, but a rewarding one. I hope that I have been able in some small way to express what an important task you have in restoring health and mobility to grateful people like me, who come under your care for a brief time and find the rest of their lives improved because of it.”
    Elizabeth Kwamboka
  • I HAVE

    “I am proud to say that I am able to walk and do many things that I thought I would never be able to do again…Assigned staff worked with me and gave me the courage and determination I needed to accomplish many feats…the entire hospital i was taken is run by angels and who are performing miracles everyday.”
    Reagan H.

    Not one day went by that we were not supported by a comprehensive, sensitive, multidisciplinary approach. Nothing was too much to ask. My Dad made an interesting observation toward the end of his stay. He told me that it was obvious to him that the staff all got along and liked one another. A rather interesting perspective on success, I think.
    Ashley Ngugi

    “Thank you for providing me with a most perfect place to recover from total knee replacement surgery… I was so inspired by every single person I came in contact with. Each and every one took an interest in me and made me feel great. The words that come to mind when I look back at my week there are – inspirational, peaceful, caring, positive, professional, encouraging and friendly.”
    Paul Mwangi
  • WE'RE

    “We as a family will forever be grateful for the memories you helped create, for the strength and fortitude you provided, and for the commitment and dedication to our father and his treatment. Thank you so much for making such an enormous difference in his life and in each of ours.”
    – Mark Ondari

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